Friday, January 10, 2014

Found photography (in a Preston car park)

Other people's photographs can be very dull. If you've ever had to endure someone showing you an album of holiday snaps, you know what I mean.

But photography can also be brilliant - especially when you find it in a supermarket car park.

I found this outside the legendary Home Bargains in Deepdale, Preston, Lancashire.

And what a fascinating find, I'm sure you'll agree. A young girl in a traditional dress. An old man, possibly her grandad uncomfortably slumped asleep on the sofa. There's an old gas fire and a coffee table full of bottles and other hard to identify items.

When was it taken? It looks like to could have been the 1980s. Or it could be an old house in the 1990s. Is it as old as the 1970s. Only the little girl in the photo can tell me.

If you know who this is and would like to help me reunite this photo with its owner, you know what to do.