Friday, May 25, 2007

Assignment 8

ASSIGNMENT 8: You are required to consider what is unique about the images you take within your own community and produce a "sellable" image that is unlikely to have been considered by a visiting photographer from outside your region/country. In attempting this assignment you should engage with the issue of local photographer V visiting photographer and consider the issue of fair trade photography. As part of this you should look at Memat as a means of fair trade distribution of photography and ask the question whether you think this system is a potential solution to allow local photographers to represent their own communities.

Bit of a technical pass, this one. The point I'm making is that prior permission has be obtained to photograph this fine concrete monolith. Hence you can't just turn up and photograph it. Well you can, if you don't get caught.

Obviously I've photographed Preston Bus Station and Car Park before, so I have written permission already.

The other part of this assignment is to make the picture look appealing - sellable. So what I've done, and this is a good trick this, is tilted my camera to an extreme angle and used the sweeping lines to please the eye. Between me, you and the gatepost, this adds impact to an image. Interesting point that, take note.

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