Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ugly and Beautiful

Strange one this. I'm off to London on Friday night to photograph the opening of an art exhibition. Not just any art exhibition this though.

Jasper Joffe, the artist, paints nice pictures. He's making a name for himself in London, but he does things differently.

He like to engage his viewers and reviewers in his art. For example, he once invited critics to review his show before they had actually seen it. Bit unusual.

This time he has his pictures in two rooms and is asking those attending the opening night to assess themselves as either pretty or ugly and step into the appropriate pretty or ugly room.

I'll be taking photos of both sets of people and, hopefully, will be able to show you what a pretty person looks like... and what an ugly person looks like.

I'm not sure what Joffe is trying to achieve, but it's an interesting idea. And if you're pretty (or ugly), I'll see you there. It's at the V22 Ashwin Street Gallery, London.

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