Saturday, August 02, 2008

A summer in Blackpool

Had a heated discussion with someone in the office about the merits of a weekend in Blackpool.

I was of the opinion that the resort as a drinking destination is a dirty, depressing, soulless place. A sh*thole, basically. While my colleague was from Blackpool. He vigorously disagreed.

The brash trash of the town is seductive in its own way, but the grubby bars and the hoardes of heavy drinking stag parties leave me cold.

Can't see what appeal myself. Each to their own like. Did you know people from Scotland come down the M6 to Blackpool in their thousands? Some of them even stay for a whole week! They have to come past the Lake District to get there. What are they thinking?

Over the 2008 summer season I am visiting Blackpool regularly to photograph the resort and, more specifically, it's visitors. No portraiture, no poses. Just the people as they patrol the promenade and stagger between the bars.

Interesting fact: British rail have cancelled the Blackpool to Manchester Airport train at 1.10am. And the ticket man will make you buy a new ticket for 3.35am train because returns are only valid until 2.30am.

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Yannick said...

Hi Garry,I've just been looking at some results for documentary photography in Blackpool on Google and came across your blog. As a freelance documentary photographer who has lived, worked & studied in the resort for the past five years, I thought it was only fair that I comment on your post about Blackpool ("A Summer In Blackpool"). Over the past two years I've produced a series of documentary photographs that are a direct response to many aspects of the town's local cultural heritage & history. One of the aims of the project is to both confirm and to challenge some of the national stereotypical views held of the resort. Although the town does have its bawdy and brassy reputation (as you say: "The brash trash of the town is seductive in its own way, but the grubby bars and the hoardes of heavy drinking stag parties leave me cold") there are also many aspects of the town that go unnoticed.As a fellow (documentary) photographer, my advise would be to look beneath the surface and experience the place beyond just a few days, before subjecting it to yet another stereotypical presumption. To try and justify my comments, please do visit my own photography website and my MA project 'Blackpool: An Unimagined Space?' before you judge and dismiss the town as "brash trash". My website address is:http://www.yannickdixon.comPlease feel free to get in touch if you wish to do so.