Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do you believe in Christmas? In Blackburn? In November?

FESTIVE ADVERTORIAL: Merry Christmas! by Garry Cook, a documentary photography project now in its second year. END OF FESTIVE ADVERTORIAL (thanks for your time).

Believe it not - and believe me - Christmas is here.

These four images were taken on November 18 in Blackburn in the build-up to their Christmas lights switch-on. It's actually the second Christmas event I have attended this year.

Both events, this and at Albert Square in Manchester last Friday, felt sadly un-festive. Thousands turned up for both events (well, nearly a thousand in Blackburn) but the lack of festive food stalls and family sideshow activities gave both openings a rather limp feeling. We've still got a long way behind Europe when it comes to putting the fun into festivals. Ho, Ho, No.

Still, Whalley, Garstang and Rawtenstall can still show them how it's done with their upcoming Chritsmas festivals.

NOTE: One of these images (contains white balloons) was taken by four-and-a-half-year-old Teddy Cook (his first image on this blog).

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