Monday, January 03, 2011

Blog to pdf to book with BookFabrik (FeedFabrik)

BookFabrik turns blogs into books, which you can then buy either old-style printed or as a pdf.

It would be quite easy to produce my own pdf from my blog. The main problem I envisage is the time – cutting and pasting all the entries would, quite frankly, take yonks.

And I dread to think what extra tweaks I’d need for the many photos on

Eventually, I might produce a great pdf but this is where Feedfabrik beats me, hands down. I would have to put in hours, if not days of work to turn my blog into a ready-to-print pdf.

With BookFabrik, an electronic pdf only cost 2.99 euros and the process of compliling it actually takes less than 30 seconds. Quite stunning really.

As soon as you allow FeedFabrik access to your blog it produced an online book, which you can instantly flick through.

One last thing: It may be obvious to state, but video and slideshows do not make it into the pdf book.

Facts about this blog as a FeedFabrik publication:   
I started this blog in 2007. The hundreds of posts transform themselves into 312 pages, plus the cover. Printing it costs 23.71 euros, an electronic pdf is 2.99 euros.

You can get a print proof download for free which I have attached for you to download here.

NOTE: The joys of twitter brought this unusual site to my attention.

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