Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having an eye test for photography

Having good eyesight is pretty much the most basic of basic demands for a photographer.
So you can imagine my unhappiness when I woke up with blurred vision in my right eye on Sunday morning.

A day out with the family at the Wild Boar Park in Lancashire was more frustrating than fun, such was my irritation at not being able to see properly. Looking through the viewfinder of my Nikon was an incredibly dissatisfying experience.

I've had similar blurriness previously, but only for an hour or so. Not for this length of time and not where trying to read from a computer screen was excruciating.

Three days later I was sitting in Boots having my first adult eye test. You can imagine my delight when they said, for £10, they would take photographs of my eyes. I only agreed when they promised to print me a copy. And here they are.

After a series of tests carried out by soothe talking graduate opthalmologist Olivia Ng it was discovered that my eyes are in fine working order. The opthalmologist said it would be pointless me getting glasses.

Apparently I had been suffering from something called an oscular migraine, a painless affliction related to changes in blood flow in the brain. They are common, harmless and I'd prefer not to have another one again soon.
Thanks and goodeye

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