Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Photographers Gallery in London sets date to re-open

After more delays than a Sunday train trip on the East Coast Main Line, The Photographers' Gallery in London has set an opening date: May 19, 2012.

Images were last able to be gawped at in September 2010. The building is on Ramillies Street which is accessible through a narrow walkway from Oxford Street. 

The visionary new building was designed by Irish architects O'Donnell + Tuomey. I'm not sure if you've got them to thank or blame for the delay. It was supposed to re-open in 2011.

Perhaps not always showing the best exhibitions in London, The Photographers' Gallery at least always had the best book shop in the British Isles. The re-opening is worth it for that alone.

But, of course, the big question concerns a more pressing issue: Will the new building house a souped-up, improved and enticing new coffee shop?

The previous cafe in the Ramillies Street building was not a patch on the coffee house at its the old venue on Great Newport Street.

I have spoke previously about the need for photography galleries to sell tea and coffee to attract visitors.

Photography fans in Britain await May 19 with parched tongues.

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