Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best camera mobile phones (August 2013) includes iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry

I've done some research on the best cameras on mobile phones. I did this just so anyone wanting a good camera on the cell phone can Google this page and choose an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia and be very happy with themselves.

And so, from the best three websites reviews I have found, comes this list:

Best five cameraphones according to Which?
1 Nokia Lumia 925
2 Apple iPhone 5
3 Samsung Galaxy S4
4 Sony Xperia Z
5 HTC One
Best six camera phones according to Techradar.com
1 Nokia 808 PureView
2 HTC One X
3 Samsung Galaxy S3
4 Sony Xperia S
5 Apple iPhone 5
6 Nokia Lumia 920
Best three camera phones according to PCAdvisor.co.uk
1 Samsung Galaxy S4
2 iPhone 5
3 Blackberry Z10
Techradar review from march 2013, which may account for the Galaxy S3 being reviewed. 
The iPhone is already renowned for its great camera. The Samsung Galaxy is obviously as good if not better. Interestingly, in Which?'s general mobile phone reviews the Samsung Galaxy comes out better than the iPhone. In my mind, this make the Galaxy the better option. It is also a cheaper alternative.



Charlie Electra said...

iPhone recently launched a new camera technology called i Sight technology which enables a state of the art 8MP sensor with bigger pixels, a larger ƒ/2.2 aperture, True Tone flash.

Charlie Electra

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