Friday, April 04, 2014

NEW BOOK: Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here (out soon)

Stay At Home Dads Are Not Welcome Here is my new book which mixes writing and photography as I document my horrific experiences of being the only stay at home dad in the village.

The book will be available on Kindle in April 2014, and in paper format soon afterwards.

I was very fortunate to be able to use a Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile (cell) phone for this project. Nokia's award-winning camera phone - which takes the best images in the business - allowed me to visually document the project without distressing other parents at playgroups.

The book is full of the usual wry observations and moments of self doubt which my many, many fans love so much. If you're interested in the unfathomable relationship between the male and the female you will love this book.

If all this does not make you want to read this book, I don't know what will. Apart from the photos of me in sexy swimming trunks.

NOTE: You can find out more about the book here:

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