Monday, January 22, 2007

Week 1 Assignment

Assignment: Produce a single image of a national news event to be posted on Getty Images. We suggest you check the newspapers, TV news and web to see what is happening or find a newsworthy issue to illustrate. Images should be captioned using the Getty IPTC Guidelines.

I found the picture assignment details a little confusing, in that I was not totally sure what kind of picture was wanted.

Did they want a picture that could be used by Getty again and again? Or was it a picture that Getty could sell specifically to a newspaper. I chose the latter.

My picture of Starbucks was inspired by a news story which featured a picture from Starbucks. Easy.

In the discussion the emphasis was on picture re-saleability, though this would seem to put the picture in Getty's creative section rather than its news area.

I’m convinced I got a newsworthy (if slightly arty) picture, but our lecture was more about producing pictures with high repeat sale potential. Is that the lesson we were supposed to learn? Picture agencies are less about the story and more about the money.

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