Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Received from Russia again

As well as receiving more images from Russian girls (who I do not believe are spies) several new girls have contacted me searching for friendship and a way out of Russia.

Irina's images (Irina Timerkhanowa) are clearly stolen images and can be found elsewhere on the internet.

But it's the images of the other girls which interest me more, clearly not professionally taken and some of which show glimses of the lives behind the emails.

That said, the style of English used in the accompanying emails from these girls - and the similarity of what they say - suggests some sort of organised project which these girls are part of.

Is there a super-hub where 100 beautiful Russian women sit at desks hammering out replies to emails from Western men who are beginning to think their dreams have come true?

This is the real story. To the photos. Evgenia, Ksaniya, Marina, Mary Yana and, of course, Masha.

Ksanyia (above) Evgenia (two photos, above)   Mary (three photos, above) Marina (above) Yana (three photos, above)

And then these are Masha (below)

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