Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some kind of miracle, talking in tongues near the Room of the Last Supper, Jerusalem

This is almost a miracle - and it is almost Christmas.

In September 2008 I witnessed American tourists as they began making strange noises with their mouths - I think this is more commonly called talking in tongues.

The tourists were one by one becoming possessed by spirits. And one by one they fell to the floor. 

We aere all in a room outside of the Room of the Last Supper, which is at King David's Tomb in Jerusalem. My guidebook does state that the Room of the Last Supper is not actually the room where Jesus and his disciples actually had the Last Supper - but this did not deter these tourists.

I thank them for allowing me to photograph a minor miracle. 

[vimeo w=400&h=265]

Outside the Room of the Last Supper from Garry Cook on Vimeo.

A more substantial documentary essay, covering several of the world's most religious sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, will be produced in 2011. 

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