Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A couple of week's ago I attended the launch event of something called InFUZE at the Moet Bar in Selfridges, Manchester.

If you can give me a moment I'd like to summarise the event in normal people's speak: It was about placing a journalist from one area of the industry and placing them on three month's paid placement in another area of the industry.

You're still with me so far? Much of the talk was by American Amanda Michel who had flown in from Yankland especially to explain her groundbreaking work in citizen journalism (though the concept involves a much steeper learning curve than I can explain here).

If you're still with me, Michel was director of something called OffTheBus at the Huffington Post and is now with something else called ProPublica. If you've heard of these you will be quite impressed that she was in Manchester.

And if you want more excitement out of these photographs, see if you can spot Manchester's big wheel thingy in the background. Clue: It's near Paul Egglestone of the University of Central Lancashire who is also pictured.

More information about InFUZE here.

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