Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Week 4 assignment

Assignment: This week you are not required to take a picture but rather train someone else in basic photography to complete the assignment for you. The brief is simply to provide "a unique insight" through participatory photography. Try and find someone who can tell a story from a different angle. For example a child's first day at cub scouts, a policeman on a drugs raid, a homeless man surviving a night of rain, the list is endless. Please remember you are not being assessed on the final image but your analysis of the process and a deconstruction of the image.

Time to rope in the parents for this one. I worried if it is was a bit of a cop-out getting mam and dad involved.

But I thought the idea I had was a valid one, the pictures I asked my mam to take were of my dad in situations that I have not really photographed. It felt right. I decided to go with it. My dad works in his double garage at home building what they call control panels, complicated push-button metal boxes which drive heavy machinery.

I told my mam what to do, she did it. It’s easy this participatory photography. The pictures – and this one in particular – were exactly what I wanted. As I might have said before I had previously thought of this type of photography as not worth consideration. But I see value I it now after the input of our course leader Ian Beesley.

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