Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Week 5 assignment

Assignment: The assignment this week requires you to produce a single image that represents fragile earth. The image is requested by a client of Panos Pictures for a magazine feature on the global environment. The article is designed to put pressure on all countries to re-evaluate their environmental policies in a move to improve the world in which we live. Panos pictures has gained a strong reputation for tackling social issues around the world through strongly aestheticised images. The composition and quality of your images are important to the success of this assignment so make sure you spend time looking through some of the Panos photographers featured on their website.

I used the parents one week, now I’ve used the kid. But the trump card was the fisheye lens.

One of the things I’ve found tough on this course is the depth of analysis. Maybe I’m to shallow – or too thick - but I can’t stand the critical evaluation. It often goes to a level which is far beyond what a picture deserves. It gets to a point where the analysis is effectively made-up or assumed, in my opinion.

When it comes to dreaming up picture ideas I am much more one-dimensional, more literal.

So. fragile becomes a rounded horizon courtesy of my fisheye lens and a earth is an isolated baby, seen here at Formby Point near Southport. The fact that Teddy was crying was a bonus.

What you can’t see here is me trying to keep the dogs out of the frame with one hand while trying to take the photograph with the other. The dogs, of course, are a trump card I’ve yet to play.

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