Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Week 6 assignment

We had the choice of two assignments this week, though that wasn’t the plan of the lectures (more of that later). While the actual assignment was the same (below) the outline brief was totally different on email from the one on the VLE.

Assignment: Produce a single image that documents the changing culture of your community for National Geographic magazine. Study the motivations for the National Geographic All roads project at and the wealth of information on National Geographic photography at This should inform your composition and caption

It took a while for the penny to drop with this assignment, especially when I was reading the first brief. I couldn’t think how I could apply changing culture to my locality (Preston in Lancashire). What I came up with is more of a national culture, though I did attempt to excuse the picture with the caption explaining the kebab shop was part or the city’s student area, a huge boom for the area over the last five years.

I quite like the image though it is not bold and bright enough for National Geographic magazine, for which I am proud to say I am a subscriber. This information is not needed, but it all helps to paint a picture of myself.

I digress, the idea of taking a photograph in a kebab shop only came to me on the Tuesday (our deadline is 4pm, Thursday) so I had two nights to get my picture. Both nights I was at work until around 11pm, so it was straight into Preston from Fulwood.

Unfortunately, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are not very busy in Preston. This is not the kebab shop I wanted to photograph but was the only one to have customers in it. I was using my preferred wide-angled lens. This is a subject I would happily return to in more depth, even with the risk of having my camera smashed or stolen

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